Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tigger in the snow

Tigger Suh
Well, Tigger the timid has surprised us this winter by being the only one of our seven cats who isn't freaked out by the snow. In fact, he seems to like it. While the other cats high-tail it back into the house or sit in the carport sniffing the snow, Tigger Suh goes exploring--sticking close to the house, but exploring nonetheless. For a cat who was terrified of falling leaves a few months ago, this is quite a change.

Years ago when I lived in Mount Shasta, Calif., I took Raj, on his leash, hiking in the snow on the mountain. The poor baby was so good, he'd just follow along, just stopping every once in a while to shake the snow off his feet. He'd occasionally let out a yowl, probably to let me know his feet were getting cold. I felt bad about that and carried him back to the car.

I'd love to hear how other cats react in snow. Do they try to catch and eat the falling flakes? Do they shake the snow off their paws with each step? Or just make a mad dash for the front door, like Emily did this morning? I got one quick shot of her,
and then just the trail she left as she ran, low on her belly, back inside.

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