Monday, June 2, 2008

Sir Thomas needs a home

My name is Sir Thomas, the title stemming from my courtly visits to a fair kitten named Emily, before she was fixed (though she did not appear to be broken). I myself have since been fixed (though I was not aware of being broken either). I now find myself enjoying domestic life as an indoor cat after having lived about two years on my own in the wild. I carry at least three BBs in my body as a reminder of those tough times.

Although I'm very happy with my foster family, my foster mom already has five cats to care for, and not wishing to impose on her, I feel compelled to look for a family less generously endowed with felines. I enjoy both human and feline companionshi9p, though, as well as lots of affection and play. I've had all my shots (besides the BBs), and my indoor manners are impeccable. However, I confess I do still yearn for the outdoors, and need to be vigilantly watched to prevent my escape until I adjust completely to an indoor lifestyle. Petting and playtime have proven helpful diversions for the "call of the wild."

If you would like to have a gentleman such as myself in your home, please leave a contact number or e-mail address in the comments. God bless you!

Sir Thomas