Sunday, June 7, 2009

His, mine and ours

Happy news! My fiance, Bobby, and I finally tied the knot Saturday, May 30, and just got back from our honeymoon in Memphis. Bobby is a blues musician--and a barbecue fanatic--thus his decision to surprise me with a honeymoon on Beale Street. We had a great time, and are now back home with our combined family of seven cats.
His two are L'il Bit, a tiny Siamese who's nearly 12, and Fiona, a huge long-haired torti we rescued as a tiny kitten from the crawlspace of a student apartment near his old apartment a year and a half ago.

Since they and Bobby moved into my house, we are keeping Bit and Fiona in the spare bedroom, where they have all their favorite things from their old home. They are getting acquainted with my five kitties by sniffing and pawing under the door. There is much hissing and growling coming from the bedroom, and my cats want so much to go in and see what's making that noise. I've done lots of reading on how to integrate new cats into a multicat household; hopefully all that research will pay off with a peaceful transition for everyone.