Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Waiting in a hot car with a gassy cat

No pictures of this, thank goodness! Sir Thomas went to the vet today for a checkup and shots. Because he's a stray, the staff asked me to wait with him outside until they got a room ready, and we would be ushered right in. That's understandable, since there's no way of knowing what he might have and they don't want to run the risk of infecting other cats who may be in the waiting room.

Of course all the shady parking spots were taken, so we had to sit in the car in the hot sun with the air conditioner running. Still, it would get a bit warm after a while, so I'd crack the driver's side window a few inches every few minutes to let in some fresh air. Sir Thomas stood on my lap and tried to squeeze himself through the crack in an attempt to escape (he was very unhappy in the carrier and since we had to wait so long, I let him come out until it was time to go inside).

Since he's been eating regular meals, of prepared cat food instead of fresh kill, his little tummy has just bloated up and he's had terrible gas. (The vet did assure me that this would pass--pardon the pun--as he got used to his new diet.) So I'm sitting in this hot car with the sun beating down, and a cat standing on my lap farting frequently. It seemed like forever before a vet tech came out and got us. I'm not sure whether Sir Thomas or I was more relieved!