Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peace -- of a sort -- reigns

Tigger (foreground) and L'il Bit
Here's proof of progress in our blended household -- Bobby's L'il Bit ( the Siamese) and my Tigger actually on the bed together. I just walked in and found them there one day, seeming quite content. This gives me hope that we'll eventually be one big happy family!

We started L'il Bit on Prozac a couple of months ago, after first trying Feliway and Rescue Remedy. The latter did help, but we usually gave it to her to calm her down after she'd already become agitated. When she started pooping and peeing all over the house--something she'd never done before--and became increasingly hostile and aggressive to Bobby and me as well as the other cats, we knew more drastic measures were needed. After a chat with the vet, she got a prescription for Prozac and the results were almost immediate. It took about a week for her to adjust to the meds, during which she was alternately lethargic and restless, but already much more docile.

Now she's back to her old, pre-move-in, self. Not that she was ever Miss Congeniality, but at least she seems much happier and well-adjusted, and the aggressive behavior and territory marking has stopped. Yay Prozac!