Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nearly Christmas again

Tigger Suh
It's hard to believe the year's gone by so fast and Christmas is once again "just around the corner." And it's hard to believe it's been so long since I last posted. So much has happened since then.

Around Christmas last year, we knew it was going to be L'il Bit's last. She was succumbing to kidney failure and going downhill quickly. We brought her home from the hospital on hospice care, and on Jan. 25, we had her put to sleep.

My husband took it really hard, since he'd had her since she was a tiny kitten -- about 15 years, as best as he could remember. She was a tiny but spunky little cat, and we miss her terribly.

Then six weeks later, 8-year-old Tigger Suh died suddenly from a heart attack. We had no idea he had an enlarged heart, as he'd always seemed perfectly healthy, but our vet said it's not unusual for this condition to go undiagnosed until it's too late.

At least Bobby was working from home that day and heard Tigger having trouble breathing. He rushed him to the vet, which is fortunately only about 10 minutes away. They had him stabilized briefly, but ultimately weren't able to save him.

It's been hard on us, and our other cats. Emily had bonded with Tigger from the day we brought her home, and she's still missing her big brother.

But we know they're waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge, and are playing with other loved ones -- human and feline -- who've gone before us.

Tigger Suh, left, and Emily
So as the year draws to a close, we are grateful for what we do have -- five healthy, beautiful cats; wonderful family and friends; and most of all, each other.

Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tigger in the snow

Tigger Suh
Well, Tigger the timid has surprised us this winter by being the only one of our seven cats who isn't freaked out by the snow. In fact, he seems to like it. While the other cats high-tail it back into the house or sit in the carport sniffing the snow, Tigger Suh goes exploring--sticking close to the house, but exploring nonetheless. For a cat who was terrified of falling leaves a few months ago, this is quite a change.

Years ago when I lived in Mount Shasta, Calif., I took Raj, on his leash, hiking in the snow on the mountain. The poor baby was so good, he'd just follow along, just stopping every once in a while to shake the snow off his feet. He'd occasionally let out a yowl, probably to let me know his feet were getting cold. I felt bad about that and carried him back to the car.

I'd love to hear how other cats react in snow. Do they try to catch and eat the falling flakes? Do they shake the snow off their paws with each step? Or just make a mad dash for the front door, like Emily did this morning? I got one quick shot of her,
and then just the trail she left as she ran, low on her belly, back inside.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peace -- of a sort -- reigns

Tigger (foreground) and L'il Bit
Here's proof of progress in our blended household -- Bobby's L'il Bit ( the Siamese) and my Tigger actually on the bed together. I just walked in and found them there one day, seeming quite content. This gives me hope that we'll eventually be one big happy family!

We started L'il Bit on Prozac a couple of months ago, after first trying Feliway and Rescue Remedy. The latter did help, but we usually gave it to her to calm her down after she'd already become agitated. When she started pooping and peeing all over the house--something she'd never done before--and became increasingly hostile and aggressive to Bobby and me as well as the other cats, we knew more drastic measures were needed. After a chat with the vet, she got a prescription for Prozac and the results were almost immediate. It took about a week for her to adjust to the meds, during which she was alternately lethargic and restless, but already much more docile.

Now she's back to her old, pre-move-in, self. Not that she was ever Miss Congeniality, but at least she seems much happier and well-adjusted, and the aggressive behavior and territory marking has stopped. Yay Prozac!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Belle's progress

Belle in Daddy's pants
At tonight's weigh-in, Belle has lost 1/2 pound! Not bad for the first two weeks. I was afraid being on a diet would make her cranky--it certainly does me--but she has actually been more playful and active than she has in a long time. That bodes well for future weight loss.